True South Grand Canyon Puzzle

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500 piece Puzzle, 18in x 24in

Spread over 1,218,375 acres of protected land, the Grand Canyon is unspeakably glorious, transcending any human attempt to imagine or explain it. The canyon impresses without even having to try. Playful light and shadow splash their hues upon a mass canvas of stone. Like the sunsets, each view of the Grand Canyon is unique depending on the weather and time of day. Though there are a large variety of ways to encounter it, almost any angle will give you the same experience: a reverent sense of smallness. This design features a heart-pounding scene afloat the Grand Canyon?s Colorado River in a timeless, early 20th-century illustration style with a simple color scheme by award-winning Anderson Design Group. With an unwavering commitment to classic illustration and to America?s greatest natural treasures, Anderson Design Group has created a master poster series of all 60 National Parks.

For ages 10 & up.